Camille Teicheira


since 2020 I've been a senior software engineer at Sofar Ocean.
I built a data team, and have been running massive weather models, building public APIs and highly available data pipelines, designing new data structures for accessing complex time series data, and doing a lot of beach cleanup.


2017 - 2020, I traveled the world, documenting the experience at and on instagram @theretoday!
I overlanded the Americas from Patagonia (Ushuaia, Argentina) to California with my partner Ryan in a big old 4x4 van named Rocinante.
During that time I focused on eating good food, riding wild horses, learning Spanish slang, making silly projects like and moto bingo, mapping the new roads in OSM, climbing volcanoes, and waving back at the ocean πŸŒŠπŸ‘‹.
2014 - 2017, I worked at Mapbox in San Francisco as a software engineer.
I covered a lot of ground there working on geocoding, enterprise map servers, API building, traffic data analysis, metrics tooling, image stitching, but the majority of my last year was spent on telemetry data and using massive datasets for traffic, map improvement, and user insight.
2013, I helped start Maptime with some friends (πŸ‘‹ Beth, Alan, & Lyzi).
We helped build a global community around maps and tech education (πŸ’› to all our organizer friends around the world).
2012 - 2013, I helped Stamen Design herd cats (and spider plants, and clients).
I've done some public speaking at Web Rebels, CalGIS, MozFest, and Github (among others), and have a patent with Mapbox, and some publications with the team at Sofar.
I have an Anthropology degree from UC Berkeley, and before tech, I made food for people. Other interests include bicycles, making jam, and big stupid art.
Valle de FrancΓ©s, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Chile